USO Guam Supports Sailors Aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt

USO is committed to supporting military and family members impacted by COVID-19 on Guam, including Sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt (TR).

To date USO has provided more than 1,000 hygiene and non-perishable snack care packages, which have been delivered in coordination with the military. As part of our ongoing support, the USO is sourcing and will deliver an additional 2,000 hygiene and food care packages in the near future. The USO is also providing meals for military personnel on the logistics and medical teams working long shifts to care for TR sailors. In the coming week, USO will also contribute 20,000 masks, 3,000 KN95 masks and 300 protective suits to the coordinated effort.

USO is able to fulfill its mission of connecting service members with family, home and country during this challenging time because of the generosity of our supporters. Should you wish to join in this effort please visit for details on how to contribute to the USO mission.

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