USO Pacific's Operation Birthday Cake Blowouts

2019 marked two milestones in the region: USO Japan delivers 1,000 cake, USO Okinawa delivers 5,000 cake Okinawa, Japan. (July 24, 2019) Being away from family on special occasions in one of the hardest parts of being stationed overseas. The distance is not only felt by the service members. The family at home is just as impacted when they can’t celebrate with their loved one. In 2007, one determined mom wanted to make sure her son knew she was thinking about him on his birthday. A simple phone call asking if she could have a birthday cake delivered to her son began one of USO Pacific’s most successful programs. The cake was successfully delivered, and photos were sent to a grateful mother back in the states. She shared the photos in a Marine moms’ discussion group, and USO Okinawa had 15 request the next week. Twelve years later, the impact of that mother’s request is being felt throughout the Pacific. Two major milestones were celebrated in the region this year. On June 18th, USO Japan delivered its 1,000th cake to Jordan Roundtree, a Marine stationed at MCAS Iwakuni. One month later, USO Okinawa delivered its 5,000th cake to Cody Gnall, a Marine stationed at Camp Schwab. “Operation Birthday Cake makes a difference in the lives of families separated by an overseas assignment. Loved ones are connected on a service member’s birthday through the delivery of their cake. We are proud of the role we get to play in their special day. ” USO Pacific Regional Vice President, C.K. Hyde said of the program. Operation Birthday Cake remains one of the most popular programs in USO Pacific. We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with service members in our region, and milestones with the USO. If you are interested in learning more, visit:

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