Staff Directory

Meet the men and women of USO Indo-Pacific who team up to provide USO goodness for troops and families.

Scott Maskery
Regional Vice President, Indo-Pacific
DSN: 630-1460

Paul Pisano
Dir. of Operations, Indo-Pacific
DSN: 630-1460

Marissa Garcia
Dir. of Corporate Alliances, Indo-Pacific
Domestic cell: 808-445-9407 Japan Cell: +81-080-8374-1999

Georgi “Gigi” Llanas
Executive Admin. Assistant, Indo-Pacific
DSN: 630-1460/Cell: +81 080-6497-5404

Marcie Smith West
Regional Operations Manager, Indo-Pacific
DSN: 630-1460

Thomas Gadbois
Regional Operations Manager, Expeditionary
DSN: 630-1460

Robert Mallon
Regional IT Technician
DSN: 630-1460

Shauna DePrato
Regional Accounting Manager
DSN: 630-1460

Linda Goliver
Staff Accountant
DSN: 630-1460