Special Delivery

In 2013, the USO launched a new partnership with the What to Expect Foundation to host baby showers for military moms-to-be around the globe. Each of the showers include a question and answer session with Heidi Murkoff, the best-selling author of the “What to Expect” book series and features traditional baby shower activities.

The shower events are hosted by Murkoff in collaboration with a USO center and provide a touch of home for moms-to-be who are often away from their families, friends and support network when they are expecting.

Since launching in August 2013, the program has supported more than 2,300 military spouses and expectant active-duty mothers. Twenty one Special Delivery events are planned for 2016 and will support expecting mothers in the U.S., Pacific and Europe.

Click below to register: https://www.uso.org/programs/baby-showers-uso-and-what-to-expect-present-special-delivery

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